Hydroponic Clay Pebbles, Expanded Leca Balls for Plants (3 lbs)

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Hydroponic Clay Pebbles, Expanded Leca Balls for Plants (3 lbs)

  • Hydroponic Clay Pebbles: Leca clay pebbles are known for their porous structure that provides excellent aeration and acts as a water reservoir
  • Excellent Aeration: The lightweight expanded clay aggregate (leca clay pebbles) expand when exposed to water to help with seed starting, root cuttings, and hydroponics
  • Material: These clay pebbles for hydroponic growing are made of natural expanded clay
  • What’s Included: This is a 3.08-pound bag (1.4 kg) of clay pebbles for orchids and gardening
  • Rustic Comfort: Farmlyn Creek is a fresh take on contemporary yet rustic home and living products; our team of designers strive to ensure anyone can personalize their home with coziness and comfort on a budget, without compromising quality

These leca clay pebbles for plants are made of 100% natural expanded clay that is pH-neutral and a great option for orchids and other plants alike. The hydroton clay pebbles can be used alone or combined with coconut husk chips, bark, charcoal, or other orchid growing media. Not only is this 3-pound bag of clay pebbles practical, but with the red-brown color and round shape, these are also great as a decorative top layer for indoor or outdoor plants.


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